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SZABO menswear
This is SZABO, an Italian luxury menswear brand that focuses on creating timeless garments. Sourcing top quality fabrics from Italian and English mills to bring you suiting, seasonal jackets, shirts, knitwear, chinos, denim, and shoes. Always showing appreciation to the artisans for their hard work, craftsmanship, and dedication. 

Our primary materials are natural: wool, cashmere, silk, linen and cotton. We aim to work with the best nature has to offer, and we strive to make sure these beautiful materials are sourced in the most responsible way. Our sourcing is mainly from traditional Italian suppliers that share a mutual desire to achieve more for our planet. This preserves the quality and sustainability.


Our focus is to create timeless garments not follow trends. All aspects of production are considered and thought through, from the choice of appropriate materials and the design of the garment to the creation of the finished piece. We strive for quiet luxury, not bold logos because after all, the statement is you. We work with the most renown Italian and English fabric mills that have been operating since as early as 1663.

Ethomas Italian Fabric
A Tailored Life, Italian Style.

Even at a young age, I've always cared about my appearance. My hair had to be perfect, clothes had to color coordinate, my shirt had to be tucked in just right, and my shoes, they had to be clean. I was born in Los Angeles, California to an Italian mother, and a Croatian father. My last name "SZABO" is a Hungarian surname meaning, "Tailor". I'm pretty sure this plays a part in my love for menswear and tailored clothing. After all, the Croatians did invented the necktie, and we know how the Italians are with style. I watched my Italian grandfather, "Nonno" in Italian, put on a suit layered with a cardigan, horsebit loafers, and a fedora hat just to walk to the grocery store everyday, a mile each way. You never know who you are gonna run into I guess.


I’ve always been the one that my friends came to when they needed to put an outfit together to wear for a certain event or they just wanted to up their clothing game. I love the process in guiding them. The older I’ve become, the more I realized my passion for menswear and the history behind the "Sartorial" world. There’s nothing like taking the time to put on these beautiful fabrics and feel my confidence build with each piece while appreciating the hard work that so many have put into creating it.


I believe it's not just about tailored clothing, it's about a tailored life. My mission is to create beautifully tailored menswear that will enhance men's confidence and help them achieve greatness in their daily life. And present their best selves to the world. - Wesley Szabo

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