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When it comes to menswear style, it's in my European blood. Having the last name Szabó, which is: (Hungarian: [ˈsɒboː]) a Hungarian surname, meaning "tailor". 

I have a passion for the art of dressing well and keeping the Gentlemen alive. "It’s not just about tailoring your clothes, it’s about tailoring your life."


Together we will design and "tailor" custom made garments to your own personal style, while I provide the education and fundamentals of choosing proper fabrics, wardrobe staples, and key elements of proper fit. Through in person or virtual sessions of styling workshops you will build and achieve confidence in dressing like a true Gentleman.- Wesley Szabo

The male’s ability to put together a coordinated, sharp, appropriate and fashionable clothing presentation for himself.

Houndstooth sport coat pattern

Learn how to identify and style different fabrics & patterns appropriately.

Navy double breasted suit

Achieve your best look based on your personal style to achieve the confidence in your appearance.  

Detailed working sleeve buttons

Learn what details to look for in a quality made suit.

Do you have an event coming up and need to put a look together based on your existing closet pieces?


Are you in need for me to virtually assist you on where to buy specific wardrobe pieces based on your budget?


Whether upgrading your professional image or adding new vitality to your personal life, my Menswear Style services provide you with the style, confidence, and success you need to make a great impression.


I specialize in crafting the perfect image for any occasion, from business meetings to special events, and help men look their best. My goal is to help men gain the knowledge, confidence and success they deserve. My services can be done on location either one on one, or a group. Many of my clients enjoy our time through virtual styling sessions.


Together we will cover a wide range of details from wardrobe and closet consultations to shopping experiences. Everything from tailoring and grooming advice to in-depth style workshops and lifestyle recommendations.

A few of the things we will focus on:
  • Staple pieces needed in every man's closet
  • Seasonally appropriate fabrics
  • Color, texture, and pattern mixing ie. shirts, ties, shoes, belts, pockets square
  • Choosing the proper accessories for the occasion
  • Styling exercises and workshops

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