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Wool Silk Linen Blend - A Perfect Summer Suit

A wool silk linen blend is one of my favorite go-to blends. I'd say a perfect summer suit. Why? Cause it has all the benefits of these fabrics a gentleman could ask for in a suit all weaved into one.

Let's break that down further. Using a mashup of wool silk linen gives you the drape of wool, the softness and durability of silk, and the beautiful uneven color and texture of linen. Also, the wool helps minimize some of the wrinkles that come with linen. Keep in mind though, wrinkles are one of the beautiful things about linen cause it gives it that casual laid back appeal while looking dapper AF but that discussion is for another time.

Wool Silk Linen Blends are perfect for the spring/summer season and warmer climates because it is fairly lightweight and the breathability of linen really helps keep you cooler. It makes a great summer wedding suit whether you are just attending and looking to snatch up some attention or the one who is getting locked down by the person of your dreams. Although, you can definitely make this just about a year round suit if you live in warmer climates.

Let's look at his beautiful Mid Blue Wool Silk Linen Suit with fabric from a master blender, the E. Thomas mill established in 1922 in the Lake Lugano region of Italy. You can see how the color really pops for the spring summer season and weather. Also, the amazing texture it has just in a photograph, imagine having it on. Throw on an Egyptian cotton shirt or a pure linen one with a tie and you have a great formal look. It is great to play with textured shirts and ties rather than high sheen fabrics. So keep that in mind when pairing your look. There are plenty of color options in this type of fabric as well in case you are looking for a more subtle or even bold color.

Now take a moment and say thank you to show your appreciation for the E.Thomas mill making such a great fabric. It is always important to acknowledge the extreme hard work and dedication that these people have put in for decades.

Continued Success,

Wesley Szabo - SZABO

"You don't need a million bucks to look and feel like it."


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