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Solaro Wool, a suit fabric with UV protection.

Solaro wool suit fabric is known for its UV protection.

Solaro wool is a worsted wool fabric in a distinct herringbone pattern. It consisted of weaving brick red and light olive green yarns together to achieve its unique appearance. It dates back to the 19th and early 20th centuries. It was first created by an Italian-English physician, Louis Westenra Sambon. Solaro wool was designed as a technical fabric to protect British soldiers from harmful UV rays. The soldiers would use the red side of Solaro wool to cover their helmets and the beige side for their uniforms.

A fabric book with solar wool fabric by Lanificio Rogna.
Solaro Wool Fabric Book

Today, Solaro wool has been taken to a whole new level by some of the finest fabric mills in the world. To your left, a variety of color options, but even one step further with the blending of different types of fibers, such as a wool-silk blend. Lanificio Rogna, located in Biella, Italy has outdone themselves with their unique approach to combining the best of British style and sophistication with Italian craftsmanship. It is such a pleasure to have these fabrics in our hands. We will be writing a post on this incredible Italian mill to help tell their story very soon.

What are some ways to wear and style your Solaro suit?

This suit fabric makes a statement on its own. It's best to keep things simple when adding shirts, ties, pocket squares, etc. Let's start with the shirt. A solid crispy white Pinpoint Oxford or Poplin is always a great choice, or you can go for a pure linen shirt to keep it seasonal in high summer and stay a bit cooler from its breathability. As for ties and pocket squares, you can have a bit more fun with brighter colors and patterns. Most likely your Solaro suit will have a herringbone pattern, so keep that in mind when choosing your shirt and accessories. When it comes to shoes, either leather or suede will complete your look. You can't go wrong with a pair of Italian calfskin penny loafers or even a pair of suede tassel loafers to add in that spring-summer flare.

SOLARO WOOL FABRIC by Lanificio Rogna
Solaro Fabric - Wool and Silk Blend

Color options of Solaro wool fabric
Solaro Fabric - Wool and Silk Blend

When selecting a color for your Solaro suit, go with what feels right and fits your personal style and personality. After all, that the art of dressing well is making those personal and stylish decisions. When having a made-to-measure suit made, we can select details like buttons and linings to add a unique flare. There's no right or wrong as long as you flaunt it with confidence and pass the story of Solaro wool along to others.

These beautiful Solaro fabrics are available in the SZABO Spring-Summer Collection 2024. You can learn more about the "Made for You" experience to help you understand the process and the advantages of creating a custom made suit with us.



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