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The necktie was invented by Croatians.

Croatians invented the necktie and here's how the cravat ties to Croatia.

Croatian Passport
Croatian Passport

We definitely had to write about this topic because if you know Wesley's story then you know his father was born in Croatia. Wesley takes pride in being Croatian and wears a necktie (cravat) regularly. Let's get into the history about how the necktie invented by Croatians.

The necktie can be traced back to the period of the French war in the 17th century. The word "cravat" came from Croatian mercenaries who were employed by King Louis XIII. They began wearing a red cloth around their neck that was decorated by the wives of the Croatian soldiers. This was so the wives could identify their husbands during battle. This became a part of the military uniform that captured the attention of the king. This style became a popular fashion item worn in the kings court.

Today, we find neckties in all sorts of colors and patterns along with different fabric options available from silk, wool, and linen. And, in some cases a blend of all of these.

Brown Silk Knit Tie
Brown Silk Knit Tie

What are the different types of neckties?

Neckties are made mostly by machine sewing involving different folds such as a three-fold or seven-fold. You also have the option of tipped, untipped, and bobtail. There are some true handmade crafted neckties out there and we go out of our way to make sure we find them.

SZABO neckties are all handmade by a family owned business in northern Italy, from the finest materials of wool, Como silk, and linen. We give our customers the option to choose a variety of colors, patterns, widths, lengths, and monograms to add to their personal style and needs.


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