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Meet Your Tailor

Wesley tells us why he believes that sometimes we really are just born to do it.

The story behind the brand name.

Even at a young age, I've always cared about my appearance. My hair had to be perfect, clothes had to color coordinate, my shirt had to be tucked in just right, and my shoes, they had to be clean. I was born to an Italian mother and a Croatian father. My last name "SZABO" is a Hungarian surname meaning, "Tailor". I'm pretty sure this plays a part in my love for menswear and tailored clothing, after all the Croatians did invent the necktie, and we know how the Italians are with style. I watched my Italian grandfather, "Nonno" in Italian, put on a suit layered with a cardigan, horsebit loafers, and a fedora hat just to walk to the supermarket everyday, a mile each way. You never know who you're going to run into I guess.


I’ve always been the one that my friends come to when they needed to put an outfit together to wear for a certain event or they just wanted to up their clothing game. I love the process in guiding them. The older I’ve become, the more I realized my passion for menswear and the history behind the "Sartorial" world. There’s nothing like taking the time to put on these beautiful fabrics and feel my confidence build with each piece while appreciating the hard work that so many have put into creating it.

What is your motivation to dress well and help others?

In today's world, I really feel we have stepped away from putting in a little extra effort to look our best. "I don't care what other people think of me," is a saying I'm not a fan of because to an extent, I think you should. Not in a superficial or arrogant way, but in an opportunistic way. The reality is that we are perceived in a certain way by our appearance. This is just one guy's opinion of course but in my personal experience many opportunities have come about from the way I dress. It draws people to you and gives off a sense of confidence and discipline, even if you may be secretly lacking it. I haven't always been the most confident guy and of course I struggle with insecurities like everyone else but this is my way of over coming that and being able to move along better in this world. And now, after having the knowledge and experience about the art of dressing well, I hope to pass it along to any gentlemen that could benefit from it. Of course, I don't know it all and I continue learning everyday, but I can be of value to many men out there and I hope to do just that.


What is your mission behind creating and launching the SZABO brand?

I believe it's not just about tailored clothing, it's about a tailored life. My mission is to create beautifully tailored menswear that will enhance men's confidence and help them achieve greatness in their daily lives. And present their best selves to the world. - Wesley Szabo


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