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Italians gave it the English turn... Giro Inglese. Men's Summer Style.

Giro Inglese Blazer

Giro Inglese Blazer

The hero piece of this fit is this men's summer style silk-linen blazer. It’s a beautiful “Giro Inglese" (English Turn) weave from, Lanificio Ferla. Due to the honeycomb open style weave its breathability and texture makes it great for the spring/summer months. The soft shoulder, patch pockets, and fully unlined details makes this a versatile blazer.

Giro Inglese Style Blazer

I’m wearing it over a white linen shirt, cotton chinos, and suede penny loafers giving a smart casual look and feel. You could definitely go a bit more formal with a tie. I would use a silk knit tie to give texture that will play well with the blazer.

Giro Inglese Blazer

What do you think? Would you wear this to a summer event?


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