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Attain Comfort with Formality.

Here are a few easy ways to attain comfort with formality for any gentleman.

How to attain comfort with formality with soft tailoring?

It all begins with the design details of the suit. For this case, it's known as, "soft tailoring". A very popular style to southern Italy. Eliminating some of the structure to the suit will give it more of a relaxed and laid-back look and feel. And how exactly do you accomplish this?

SZABO Men's Super 110's Tropical Wool 2 Piece Suit
Super 110's Tropical Wool 2 Piece Suit

We can start by going with a soft shoulder, known as “Spalla Camicia” or shirt shoulder. The sleeve head is inserted under rather than over, with very minimal padding. This kind of sleeve follows the natural curves of the body and allows it to fall in a natural way. When it comes to the canvassing, a half canvas will allow the bottom half of the jacket to flow more freely. In addition, a simple notch lapel, two and a half button closure with patch pockets are definitely in the running.

As for the trousers, we can ditch the belt and go with a sleek waistband, side adjusters, and double pleats with the hem being a 4 cm or 5 cm turn-up. It's no problem if you prefer trousers with belt loops and a straight hem. This is totally a personal style choice.

To complete the look with simplicity, going for a crispy white cotton twill or pinpoint shirt is a great choice. These shirt fabrics can be worn formally or casually, adding versatility to your wardrobe. For a more casual take on the tie, a silk knit bobtail will bring some character. Finish it off with a pair of penny, or tassel loafers in either suede or leather. Mission accomplished.

Well, almost. Depending on the season of course, the fabric choices will be a bit different. In this case, for the spring-summer season, we went with the Perennial super 110’s tropical wool by Vitale Barberis Canonico. This Italian fabric is a pure wool, 230 grams with an airy and luxurious soft feel. The meaning of "tropical" is the type of weave, this is an open weave that allows it to have great breathability. This natural color you see here really helps play into that warmer climate vibe for the spring-summer season. There are other color options available in this suit fabric that will pull that vibe off just fine..

At the end of the day, to attain comfort with formality it's about eliminating some of the stuffiness and sporting a more free flowing look that exudes confidence. So, if you're interested in adding a southern Italian style look to your suiting, then this is a great set up for you.

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Mint Green Silk Pocket Square


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